10 Offices with Attitude

Give your office a lot of attitude!
Don't hire a professional muralist for hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can do it yourself. YES, you CAN do it yourself. It's really easy.

Big, bold and definitely beautiful. Choose your own colors to match your office decor just perfectly.

Jocelyn with Red Chair
This mural is only 10' wide, but if you have a bigger wall, just repeat the pattern! It's that easy. You can make it a stark, bold black and white or you can paint it in white and a light gray for a more soft look.
Here is a way to add a bit of humor to your office. The "exposed" part can be painted a solid, contrasting color, you can paint a daytime sky with clouds or as we did - we made up a simple night time sky with a moon and stars. Most importantly - have fun with it!
Make a big splash with this Drips and a Splat! mural. Use the suggested colors or add your own. It's up to you. And don't forget that little splat - just make sure the splat is directly below a drip of the same color. If you have a longer wall, just repeat the pattern.
Even the most austere, cleaned lined offices can us a touch of softness. These Mod Trees are the perfect solution. Use as many of them as you want, or repeat them for an entire forest! In this version we have extended the trunks to make them taller. Choose your own colors to make it work with the decor. You could even make one tree a bright color to add some real attitude!
Now THIS is a mural with Attitude! With only 5 colors it will be easy to substitute a color or two to match your decor. In this case we picked up the color of the desk and painted the hat that color. Just too easy. 
Your office will definitely be "a cut above" with this mural. 
Create your own enchanted forest as a backdrop for your office. It will really change the mood in the room with this magical mural. If it's too big... just trim it down to fit. If there are elements that are "too cute" - just leave 'em out. 
Can you just imagine this in your waiting room? Now THAT'S some major impact! Go bold or go home with the easy 4-color mural. 
Show your clients your wild side while being quietly understated. Here we have chosen our smaller Zebra Stripes mural and repeated it to make a floor to ceiling pattern. We also chose a dark gray on a black wall for a more subtle look, but you could easily go bold with black on white! 
Give your conference room some character with this easy one-color mural. In this example we chose a dark background and then picked up the color of the wood table to unify it. We repeated the mural one more time to make it all the way across the wall. 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! We can even help you brainstorm some ideas for your office.


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