Gone Bananas!

Elephants on the Wall

$ 124.95

They've gone absolutely bananas! These silly, sly and sleepy monkeys are surely up to something when the banana truck goes by. By the way... who actually placed those bumps in the road? How convenient. These cute little monkeys are sure to add some fun and life to any child's room. Soft pastels are sure to make a hit with any decor. 

If you think it's too big, just wrap it around the corner(s) to create a feeling of being IN the mural rather than just looking AT it.

(Mural kit includes: pattern, transfer paper, directions & color guide. Paints not included.)

12' wide x 7'9" tall

>> See How it Works! <<

Colors shown in mural can be ordered at www.DecoArt.Com You will need ONE 2-oz bottle of each color.

DA372 Green Lagoon

DA388 Jadeite Green

DA253 Pistachio

DA331 Desert Cactus

DA050 Forest Green

DA267 Poodle Pink

DA233 Wild Orchid

DA311 Natural Bluff

DA03 Buttermilk

DA309 Banana Cream

DA168 Golden Straw

DA397 Coral Cloud

DA356 Dried Clay

DA361 Sand Grey

DA390 Cobblestone

DA094 Mississippi Mud

DA065 Dark Chocolate

DA067 Lamp Black

DA02 Warm White

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