Custom Murals

Yes. We Do Custom Murals!

What we WILL do:

We would be thrilled to design a custom mural for you that will:

  • Work with YOUR ideas
  • Match YOUR bedding or color scheme
  • Fit the shape of YOUR room
  • Fit around YOUR furniture, doors or windows
  • Make you the envy of the neighborhood

We just have to keep it fun, graphic and/or whimsical enough to fit our overall style while having a universal appeal to others.

You will be the first one to have this design and a couple of months later, (to give you and your friends and family time to  "oooh" and "aaaah" over it : ) THEN we will put it up on our website to make it available to others.


What we WON'T do.

We will NOT copy anyone else's design - especially any trademarked or copyrighted designs, characters and/or logos. First of all, it's illegal, and second of all, it's no fun for us!


Here's an Example...

The Large Under Construction mural was a custom mural. The customer wanted a construction theme with lots of trucks and construction vehicles. They wanted it in primary colors to match their bedding. The mural was to be 14' wide, but there were twin beds on the left and right side of the mural so when we designed it with the main images in the middle and above the 4' level. the bottom left and right sides couldn't have anything significant to the mural because you wouldn't be able to see it, so we put some plants in those corners to finish out the design. This way anyone else who wanted the mural didn't have to worry about a big blank spot spots in the bottom corners! 



First of all, it will be FAR LESS than if you hired a muralist, ordered a wall paper mural or bought enough stick-ons to make up an equivalent-sized mural. The cost is based on 2' wide strips by up to 8' tall. We will design it based on your budget and the parameters of your room. We want you to get the biggest bang for your buck so you walk away with thrilled! 

Please contact us for prices. Don't be afraid to call, we won't bite. As a matter of fact, we would love to brainstorm with you whether or not you have us do a custom mural!

CALL 626-794-1415 PST 

Ask for Patti

or email me at:


...And don't forget to tell your friends - maybe they want a custom mural!