2020 Fall Photo Contest Winners


to all of our Winners!!

But the BIGGEST round of applause goes to our

1st Place Winner 

Kelly Rossi - Las Vegas, NV

Kelly will win a free 8'x 8' Custom Mural ($600 value) or 
$300 in cash.
"This mural was the highlight of my son's nursery.  I was put on bedrest a few months into my pregnancy and I dreamed of having this mural on my son's wall.  Since I was not allowed to stand upright, I could only paint sections of the bottom.  As my pregnancy, and the complications, continued family came into town and finished up the masterpiece.  With this mural, my son's nursery was perfect. Unfortunately, soon after painting this, we had to move unexpectedly. I think the nursery was a major selling point when it came time to sell the house."
Kelly Rossi
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Kim Johnson-Simms - Miami, FL

Kim will win a $100 toward her next mural.
"I would like to start off by saying how fun it was to use the stencils. I was amazed at how easy it was to create my jungle room. My grandkids love it and my family still can’t believe I did it. I was also inspired to freestyle a little and I added some insect cutouts from the craft store. Your stencils make creating custom murals really affordable and fun! I’m already planning my next project that I will also share with you."
Thanks, Kim Simms


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Kandyce L - Oklahoma City, OK

Kandyce will win a $100 toward her next mural.


"Thank you! It was an office project! We are re-decorating our pediatric medical office and doing a theme and mural for each patient exam room.  Thanks again! our staff had so much fun doing this one and are on to our next!"

Kandyce L. - A to Z Pediatrics.

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Amelia Jean Lalli - Dallas, TX

We finished Noah's Ark yesterday. We LOVE the way it turned out, it's perfect! Thanks for everything  
Amelia Jean Lalli
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Marsha Adkisson - Harriman, TN

My husband and I are both in our 60’s and we have 16 steps to get into the living level of our house. We decided to finish our basement just in case we ever had to move down there (only one step!) and I wanted something to put behind the bed so I went with the small mandala and changed the colors to match the 3 comforter sets I have. I love the way it turned out!" 

Marsha Adkisson

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Mona Dahlke - Tallahassee, FL

Palm Tree Silhouette Paint-by-Number Mural

Our mural turned out great we are happy with it and everyone that we show it to just loves it They are planning on trying one in their home.

My husband John and I spent a weekend adding the mural to our granddaughters room

And she loves it. We were unsure at first but your directions were spot on, easy to follow ,and we will definitely recommend anyone to try it .

We have zero artistic ability and we had a great time painting it.... 

Mona Dahlke 

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LInda Hefferman - Hillsborough, NJ

Princess & Unicorn Paint-by-Number Mural

This I painted on my grand daughters wall."

Linda Hefferman