How It Works & FAQS

Painting Your Own Wall Mural Has Never Been Easier!

Simply Tape, Trace & Paint!

1. TAPE the pattern & transfer paper to the wall.

Tape the transfer paper to the back of the pattern paper with the darkest side facing away from the pattern paper. Then tape both of them to the wall. Tape them only at the top at first until you get them in the right place, then tape them all around the edges to hold them in place.



2. TRACE the design using a ball point pen. 

If you can use a different color than black, it can be helpful so you know what parts you have traced. But don't trace the numbers because they might show through the paint later. When you are done tracing, roll up the pattern a little at a time and one panel at a time starting at the bottom. Double check to see if you missed any lines. Once you are SURE you haven't missed any lines then you can remove pattern from the wall.




3. Paint inside the lines just like a giant coloring book!

Paint the areas of the mural with the corresponding colors listed on the numbered color guide. If you would like to use different colors - great! It's totally up to you. We encourage creativity!! We recommend Americana Acrylics by DecoArt ( They are available at Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Joann's craft stores. They are inexpensive, easy to use and you will ONLY need one 2-oz. bottle of each color for most murals.

If you are doing one of our 1-2 color murals then you will want to buy regular house paint, but you can probably get away with only using a sample container and I promise you will not even need an entire quart! 



Are you looking for DIY nursery decor, but just aren't sure if you have the ability to do it? Check out our frequently asked questions and you'll be feeling confident in no time!

• I can’t even draw a stick figure. Will I be really able to do this?


  It’s really very easy. That's why we call these Paint-By-Number Wall Murals. Just tape up the pattern and transfer paper, then trace the lines of the pattern. When you are all done tracing, simply remove the pattern and transfer paper and paint the areas with the corresponding colors. It’s just like coloring in a giant coloring book for the perfect DIY nursery decor!

• What is included in the kit and is there anything else I will need to buy?

  Each wall art mural kit includes the paper pattern (design), transfer paper, directions and a color guide. You will need to buy the paints, a couple of brushes and some painters tape.
• Why don't you include the paints with the wall mural kit?   Many of our customers like to get creative with their color palettes and we would hate to have them pay for something they might not use. 
• Why does the transfer paper come separately?   We want our customers to get the biggest bang for their buck. Having the transfer paper separate from the wall art pattern allows you to repeat, reverse and re-use the designs as many times as the transfer paper holds up!
• How long will it take to complete the wall mural?   It depends upon which mural you get. Some small murals can be completed in several hours. Our bigger murals will take the good part of a weekend or more. If you have someone help you it will take half the time.
• What paints do I use and where do I find the paints?  

The Americana Acrylics by DecoArt can be found at most craft and art supply stores. They are sold at Wal-Mart, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Ben Franklin Crafts, Garden Ridge, Hancock Fabrics, Crafts & Stuff, Mae’s, Jo Ann Stores and many more. To find the store closest to you, go to their website:

If you are painting one of our silhouette murals, you might want to get a quart of a normal wall color paint - available at your local paint store.

• Do I have to use the Americana paints from DecoArt?   No, but we suggest them because they are some of the best craft paints around, they come in small 2-0z bottles (and that's more than you will need), and they are inexpensive and available in most big craft stores throughout the country.
• Do I have to prep the wall before starting?  

Yes. For best results the wall should be clean, dust and dirt free. This goes a long way to getting the best-looking wall mural possible.

If painting over a semi-gloss or gloss finnishe you MUST sand the area first!

• How can I protect my mural?  

Although is not absolutely necessary, if you want that extra protection against fingerprints etc., go to your local paint store (Home Depot, Sherwin Williams etc.) and ask them for "clear coat for INTERIOR use". They all have their favorite brands. Do NOT use clear coat for exterior use - it will yellow with time.
You will need enough to cover that whole wall on which the mural is painted from corner to corner. Do NOT stop it partway across the wall, because the clear coat darkens the wall a bit and you will be able to see where you stopped. You should apply it with a roller.

• What type of paint should I use for the background - matte, semi-gloss or what?   Your wall mural will look best against a flat, satin, semi-gloss or eggshell finish. This way smudges from the transfer paper can be removed with a damp cloth. 

• Can I paint the mural on any wall color?

  Most murals will do best on a white or off white or very pale color. The only exception is the Carousel of Critters wall mural. This should be on a little darker color so the white animals will show up. Try a light cream, light blue or light sage green.
• Why shouldn’t I trace the numbers too?    You can, but it’s best if you don’t - only because some of the numbers might show through the lighter color paints. You might want to do a test first to be sure.
• Can I reverse the patterns so the design faces the opposite direction?   Yes. Simply place the pattern on top of the transfer paper with the transfer material facing the back of the pattern. Trace the design, and flip over the pattern. Your design will now have the design on the back in reverse. Proceed with normal directions.
• How and when will my wall mural(s) be delivered?   Mural(s) are usually shipped within 1- 3 days of us receiving your order. It will be shipped via USPS.

• Do you take suggestions?
And do you do custom designs too?


Absolutely! We are always looking for suggestions. If we have multiple people interested in one certain wall mural theme you can bet we'll try do that one next. Just let us know - it may already be in the works! We also do Custom Designs, so if you want something special just give us a call, let us know what you want and we can give you a quote.