2021 Summer Photo Contest Winners


to all of our Winners!!

But the BIGGEST round of applause goes to our

1st Place Winner 

Victoria Rey de Rudder - Geneva, Switzerland

Victoria will win a FREE 8'x 8' Custom Mural ($600 value) or 
$300 in cash.
"I was looking for a statement piece for my son’s nursery. We live in the countryside surrounded by lots of tree and wild animals so I wanted to find something that will fit with the surrounding. Patti was incredible during the whole process and understood exactly what I was after. The whole experience was such a joy! Thank you again!"
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Lindsey  Pauley - Ewing, VA

Lindsey will win $100 off of her next mural.
"I absolutely loved doing it! It was so much fun! I have no creative ability and can't draw a straight line but this was so easy and fun! It felt as if I was creative and now we have a something I am so proud of! Thank you all so much!

My son absolutely loves his mural! He tells everyone his mommy did it! It's so sweet!"

Lindsey Pauley 

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Michelle Alexander - Boulder, CO

Michelle will win $75 off of her next mural.


"I was between jobs and decided to adopt a “if you build it  - it will come” attitude about my office for my next job, so I decided to put together the office of my dreams. And although I LOVE living in Boulder, CO… I also miss living in my favorite city, Chicago. I knew I wanted to have a bit of the city in my new office, but couldn’t figure out exactly how, but when I came across the Elephants on the Wall "Chicago Skyline” Paint-by-Number Mural, I knew it was EXACTLY what I wanted. Even the colors already matched what I had planned.
And I loved the experience of painting it! I consider myself creative and handy, even if I’m not necessarily talented, but the process was straightforward and once I had the outlines traced, I completely lost myself in the project. I was actually kind of bummed when I finished it.
And when it was done… I did get that job! Now almost every time I’m on a video call, I get asked about the mural in the background. Nobody can believe I did it with a paint by numbers kit:-)  And I absolutely love it!
Michelle Alexander

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Kandyce - A-Z Pediatrics - Oklahoma City, OK

Thank you! It was an office project! We are re-decorating our pediatric medical office and doing a theme and mural for each patient exam room. Our staff had so much fun doing this one and are on to our next! We love doing these! And the kids love them too." 
A-Z Pediatrics
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Susannah White - Lake Elsinore, CA


This was such a fun project to keep me occupied and busy. So easy to do that I accomplished it at 7 months pregnant! My little unicorn is going to love this whole wall mural for years to come! Thank you elephants on the wall!

Susannah White

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