Large Under Construction Paint-by-Number Wall Mural

Elephants on the Wall

$ 134.95

Large Under Construction Paint-by-Number Wall Mural
The perfect do it yourself mural for a boy's room. Four colorful construction vehicles scrape, dig, roll, lift and haul, preparing the site for construction. Any boy who loves to play in the dirt will love this wall mural. Boys room decorating just got more fun! Use our color suggestions or choose your own for a perfect match.

Pair it up! Some of our customers have paired this mural up with these bedding sets: "Boys Like Trucks" by Room Magic, "Baby Work Zone" by CoCaLo, "Big Rigs " by Kidsline, or by"Little Builder" by Eddie Bauer .

It's versatile too! You can change the colors, repeat the whole design on another wall or take elements and repeat them around the room!

(Mural Kit includes: pattern, transfer paper, directions & color guide.)


The paints we suggest using are the Americana Acrylics from DecoArt. They come in 2-ounce bottles. Colors shown in mural can be ordered from (Most of the colors can also be found at Michael's Craft store.)

You will only need ONE 2-oz bottle of each color. Unless otherwise noted.

  1. White (DA01 SnowWhite)
  2. Black (DA067 Lamp Black)
  3. Light Yellow (DA010 Cadmium Yellow)
  4. Yellow (DA094 Marigold)
  5. Red (DA015 Cadmium Red)
  6. Dark Red (DA199 Primary Red)
  7. Green (DA054 Bright Green)
  8. Dark Green (DA048 Holly Green
  9. Light Blue (DA318 Blue Haven)
  10. Medium Blue (DA036 True Blue)
  11. Dark Blue (DA200 Primary Blue)
  12. Light Brown (DA163 Honey Brown)
  13. Dark Brown (DA174 Milk Chocolate)
  14. Light Grey (DA068 Slate Grey)
  15. Medium Grey (DA095 Neutral Grey) (You may need 2 bottles.)
  16. Dark Grey (DA167 Payne's Grey)

    168" wide x 90" tall

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