2020 Summer Photo Contest Winners


to all of our Winners!!

But the BIGGEST round of applause goes to our

1st Place Winner


Tiffany Boksan, Toms Brook, VA

Tiffany will win a free 8'x 8' Custom Mural ($600 value) or 

$300 in cash.

Noah's Ark Large 

"We have finally finished our mural! :) it took us all month! Lol! We had a great time and love it!! I know I told you we were hoping to make it 3D with the animal heads. This has been a dream of mine since we started the adoption process for our son back in 2017. I’m not a great artist, but I’m creative lol and with your help, this dream is finally a reality! We are excited to see what the kids think of their new classroom when church starts up again next month. Thank you for everything!! Hope you like it. :) Thank you."
Tiffany Boksan

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Ashley Hindle - Westfield, IN

Ashly will win a $200 toward a mural or $100 in cash.

"This mural took me longer than expected because I have a nursing, teething 10 month old little girl and a very active 2.5 yr old son.  I worked on this every day,  a little at a time. It was very easy to tape up and trace onto the wall. My son is obsessed with construction trucks so he is obviously in love with his new big boy bed and room! He tells me every night at bedtime- " mommy you did a good job painting my walls. Thanks so much!!!" Bedding info: sheets - Chital Tractor Print (Amazon), comforter/pillow set- Boy Zone, The bed was made by my husband off a plan purchased from Etsy- ErpitiLLC.


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Leticia Escabi - Virginia Beach, VA

Leticia will win a $100 toward a mural or $50 in cash.

SUPERCity Paint-by-Number Mural

"Just wanted to submit my picture for your Summer Photo Contest. When we purchased our fixer upper home I knew I wanted to do something extra special in my little guys room. Renovating our home has been long and stressful at times but his room was so much fun to do! As you can see, my little guy is a superhero loving fanatic & when I saw your mural I just knew this is what we had to do!! It was so much fun & he absolutely loves it! Whenever we have guests come over he immediately runs them up to his room to show it off! We adjusted the skin tone to make it look more like him and now he thinks he is a real life superhero! Thanks for not only making your murals so easy, fun & versatile but for also making all of my little guys superhero dreams come true! ❤️  "

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Paige Goddard - Brookville, KS

Over the Fence Gang - Twin Paint-by-Number Mural

This is our farm animal mural that we absolutely fell in LOVE with for our little boy’s room that we are expecting in October! It turned out sooo cute! Thank you so much! Love, Paige  


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Cristy Welsh - Manchester, MO

The soccer mural is done and my son loves it. Thanks so much for everything!" Thanks, Cristy Welsh 

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Stacy Bruno-Lukaszewski

Giraffe Spots ??

Loved taking on this project when I was 6-7 months pregnant for my little Emily June! Took steps but easy to complete especially for a pregnant lady :). I documented some of the steps! Would recommend elephants on the wall :)  

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Beatriz Navarro-delRisco - Miami, FL

Anime Girl with Kitty Paint-by-Number Mural


I have used Elephants on the Wall's murals for the last 7 years! It reminds me of my younger years when I did paint by numbers.  This is the most recent custom mural that my daughter designed w Patty together. The other one was ..THE PRINCESS CASTLE AND UNICORN.  Patty is always available and easy to work with. Paints are easy to find as well.  Great way to personalize a room.  Lasts forever!


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Dana Riley - Portland, OR  

Birch Tree Silhouette Paint-by-Number Mural


Our mural is still well loved! We painted it for our daughter 3.5 years ago and now it is being appreciated by baby number two, our son. It brings me joy every single day, I still love looking at it (and there is no way we could have done it on our own!) We have gotten many compliments on it over the years. Thanks, Dana!"  

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