SUPERCity Wall Mural

Elephants on the Wall

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SUPERCity Wall Mural
Now you can have your own SUPERcity backdrop to encourage the imagination of your little superhero. Complete with a Batman-esque hero of its own, his imagination will run wild. Pow! Bam! Kapow! Center it over the bed or a dresser for an even more super look! Looks great with any Batman, Superman or Super Hero bedding. Boys decorating just go a lot more fun with this paint by number mural. Finally - a do it yourself mural you will be proud of!

Pattern can be reversed, reused and repeated - in whole or in part.
(Mural Kit includes: pattern, transfer paper, directions & color guide.)


120"wide x 90" tall


The paints we suggest using are the Americana Acrylics from DecoArt. They come in 2-ounce bottles. Colors shown in mural can be ordered from (Most of the colors can also be found at Michael's Craft store.) You will need ONE 2-oz bottle of each color unless otherwise noted.


  1. (DA042 Baby Blue)
  2. (DA270 Ocean Blue)
  3. (DA239 Warm White)
  4. (DA241 Light Mocha)
  5. (DA201 Primary Yellow)
  6. (DA129 True Red)
  7. (DA174 Milk Chocolate)
  8. (DA111 Grey Sky)
  9. (DA068 Slate Grey)
  10. (DA095 Neutral Grey)
  11. (DA067 Lamp Black)
  12. (DA036 True Blue) (You may need 2 bottles of this color.)


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