2024 Summer Photo Contest Winners

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Vicki Conner  

Lotsa Toys Paint-by-Number Wall Mural

“Patti (the owner of Elephants on the Wall) and I worked on this custom mural for months. She was so helpful and creative.
I wanted something for my Grandkids bedroom that went with the
theme and fun for them. Needless to say, they love it!
My grown kids and friends love it as well.
This is my 3rd mural with Elephants on the Wall, and my 2nd custom one.
I have always loved painting them and seeing how it comes together.

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Second Place

Leah Sparks

Bear-ly Fishing'  AND  Trainin' in Alaska

"I had a whole nursery area to redecorate and fell in love with the Elephants on the Wall woodland murals. We started with one small mural just to test it and then we were hooked. It was so easy to put on the wall and a lot of fun to paint. The quality when it is all done is great and has gotten so many compliments as people come use the space.
 My favorite part was the customer service. We had some larger than normal walls and Patti offered solutions and went above and beyond to get us what we needed for our space. Then also helped when we had questions about paints shades.
I highly recommended them, it will be a fun memory
and look great in your space!"
Leah Sparks


(NOTE: Leah contacted me to see how she could get the two murals to work together as one large mural. It turns out there were only a few small changes I had to make to the mural to work perfectly together! ) 


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Jennifer Kopp

Mega Soccer Paint-by-Number Wall Mural


"My son is a pre-teen and wanted his bedroom updated.  His only requests were to have a soccer room with a hammock (LOL).  So I searched google and Pinterest for ideas.  I stumbled across the soccer ball mural on Elephants on the Wall.  I was skeptical at first as the website appeared to be geared more towards nurseries.  However, I am sooooo glad that I tried it - and so is my son!

My experience from start to finish: 

  • The mural was separated into 4 pieces that needed the carbon transfer paper attached and then lined up on the wall.  Making sure it was lined up exactly was hard and needed 2 people with how massive it was being 8ft.  My only ASK is why it couldn't have been 1 sheet instead of 4?  I would take the crease lines of folding it up over having to line it up. 

  • Painting within the lines brought me back to elementary school...  LOL.  But it was a lot of fun.  I found that I dont have as steady of a hand as I had hoped.  But every imperfection I could see, being 10 inches away while painting, was completely unnoticeable when standing anywhere else in the room. 

The overall result was nothing short of amazing! 

This room feels like a teen bedroom and will last for years." 

 Jennifer Kopp