2014 Summer Photo Contest Winners

to all of our Winners!! 
The BIG round of applause goes to our
1st Place Winner 
Cheri Graves
Escondido, California
"I had wanted one of the larger images but really only had this broken up wall to work with as one door goes into her closet and one into the Jack and Jill bathroom.  We took your Palm Tree & Surfboard Mural and reversed it to frame the room but took out the surfboard and ball on one side to make them look different and then took some of the water and sand elements to fill the small space in the middle.  The other three walls are painted with the same lighter blue color, with waves all the way around the top of the room.  I worked on this with my mom and we had so much fun doing it and surprising my daughter.  This is my favorite room in the house!!  I love showing off her room and telling people that I painted it since I’m not particularly artistic."

The bedding and little chair are Pottery Barn Kids and the lamp is Land of Nod.  



The elephant lamp was found at Homegoods.

2nd Place

Jennifer Hagerman 

Sweet Dreams Bedhugger


"I easily modified the girl's 'Sweet Dreams Twin Bed Hugger' to match the colors in my son's carnival themed bedding. This is the second mural I've done and plan on doing more!" 







3rd Place

Lindsay Vickers

Homer Glen, Illinois

Paisley Mega Mural  

"Although bumpy road initially to get the project started,  we plowed through it once we got going. The previous owner of the giraffe room now has her "Big Girl Room" set and ready to go.The rest of the room has a few finishing touches, but wanted to make sure we submitted in time for the contest. She proudly proclaims purple in her adorable 19 month old speech every time she sees the room, and has said "OH BOY" more than once while analyzing our progress. Can't wait to watch her grow with this room for years to come!!"

We just couldn't decide - so we have called it a TIE for third place!

And here is the other 3rd Place!

Nojo Jungle Babies bedset:  http://www.nojo.com/nojo_jungle_babies.htm

    Curtain Critter curtain tiebacks:  https://www.curtaincritters.com/kids-room-decor-ideas_jungle-safari-theme.html




3rd Place


Jim & Liz Cahill

"My husband ad I thoroughly enjoyed doing the mural together in anticipation of our first baby.  We found the mural easy to apply and are so very pleased with the result.  We received so many 'ooohs' and 'awwws' over the finished product.  We just cant wait for our baby to arrive (May 15th) to make the room complete. :)



We feel that our submission illustrates a different viewpoint for your mural because it uses the curtains rather than a door for the menagerie.   We did this because our closet is so close to the room entrance that we would have had to narrow the mural.  All rooms are shaped and laid out different so the great thing about the Elephants on the Wall murals is that it is easy for the customer to adapt it work out best for their room set up.  Unlike, wall decals the customer can tailor colors and such to their needs.  Thank you for your wonderful product!!"


Honorable Mention

Chris Hoos  

Muskoka, Canada

To The Rescue!

"The mural you see here is in my sons room. His name is Dylan and he is 8 months old. It was really great to paint this, as it brought the family together. Everyone wanted to help, from grandparents to nephews. It turned out great and we love it!"



The Crib: I personally designed and built the round tree crib in the room. 

Lamp and Valance: Babies R Us Kids Line Dena Happi Tree


Honorable Mention

Brittany Mayak
Milford, Ohio

Playtime for Kids

"I first saw this mural on Pinterest, about a year before I was even pregnant. I fell in love! I knew two things about the room I wanted for our future children. 

1. I was going to make a round tree crib. 

2. I was going to find a way to paint that mural from Pinterest. 

When I discovered your company, I was super excited! Then when I received the mural, I was thrilled with how easy it was to place on the wall and paint! I invited a few friends over to help me and we had a great time! I could not be happier with the finished room, thank you for a wonderful product!"

Honorable Mention

Julierose  Santoago Sol

 Oakley, California

Treetop Clubhouse

"I've always wanted to do something special for my 2 yr. old daughter's playroom, so at 33 yrs old and after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. I took the opportunity and time to put my energy in doing this mural. I found it very relaxing :) I used acrylic paints and added a 3D effect with the trees. She loves Barney so I change the teddy bear color as well. Overall, the best part...my daughter and I spend a lot of time in this room and staring at the wall :) "




 Testimonial Continued...

Then we painted and painted, changing some of the suggested colors but keeping to the general color palette. It took my sister and I two weeks to complete the painting, working every evening after putting my son to bed. She even free-handed a few birds in the trees, and added a fox peering down from the top of the closet. After we were all done, we used a clear coat to protect the mural and make it washable. We added a large stuffed bear and some comfy floor pillows in matching greens and browns to make a cozy reading corner. My son was so excited when he saw it for the first time and is very proud of his "Forest Friends". Everyone who has seen the room absolutely loves it and is totally impressed that it was a trace and paint. It was truly a labor of love and was so much fun for me and my sister to work on together. I am so happy with the way it turned out. It really brings the room to life. We can't wait to do the next one for my daughter this summer!


Honorable Mention

Kristin Filep

Blacksburg, VA

Forest Friends

" I came across the Elephants on the Wall "Forest Friends" trace and paint wall mural when I was searching for an outdoor themed room that was kid friendly for my 2-1/2  year old son's new "big boy room". My husband tried to talk me out of doing it at first because it looked like a huge undertaking and I was seven months pregnant with our second child. But it was surprisingly easy! With the help of my husband and my sister, we taped panel after panel from ceiling to floor and carefully traced the pictures on the wall. We repeated some panels, reversed some of the panels and moved animals around to better fit around the furniture and shape of the room. 


Honorable Mention

Carrie Jarco

West Bloomfield, MI

Feathery Friends One

"I started painting this mural for my daughter when she was an infant.  It was so much fun to do! I love knowing I did it for her and seeing her face when she points out the owls, birds and flowers. It even helps her learn her colors.  I have it paired with Pottery Barn kids bedding and an owl quilt made by her Grandma. Favorite room in the house! Thanks!"




Honorable Mention

Johnna Fogerty

Westminster, CO


My two and a half year old Jake loves his dinosaurs so much that he actually asks me if he can go to bed so he can visit them!  Now that's awesome!!!"




Honorable Mention

Lauren McKenna

West Bloomfield, MI

Under Construction

"I love your products and I am working on my second (Grand Prix). I am not an artist and had not done anything like this before. I was so amazed at how easy the process really is. My biggest concern was with making mistakes, but I realized that mistakes can easily be fixed. I really enjoyed painting the mural and had no idea how much fun it would actually be.    


My next mural will be in my baby girl's room and I will be shopping at your store :)"




Honorable Mention

Cynthia Melchior

Carl Junction, MO

Slytherin' Serpent

"Thank you is not enough to express how grateful I am to have found you. I had been looking for so long to try to find the type of products you offer. It was so easy to do and the results are beyond all my expectations. great product, a lot of choices, and it makes the room look absolutely amazing! My seven years old daughter finally enjoys sleeping in her room. Thank you again, and we are highly recommending you ! Thank you a thousand times!


Honorable Mention

Dolores Studier

Bloomfield Hill, MI

Large Jungle Story

"Finally had a chance to take pictures of my daughter's bedroom and bath as well as my son's.  Her bedroom is beach theme and her bath is ocean.  My son's bedroom and bath are both jungle theme.  We did it over the Thanksgiving week.  The godmother and I planned to do all of it, but it seemed like so much fun, that my husband joined in. Everyone that has visited our new home and seen the murals has loved them.  I think our kids will always remember how spectacular their bedrooms were as children.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give them those memories!"