The Popular Baby Names for 2019

1. Abigail   Meaning: "Father rejoiced, or father's joy".

Abigail was No. 10 on the most popular names list from 2017, and it's got to be even closer to the top of the list now.

2. Aria   Meaning: "air"

Aria (and especially "Arya" like from Game of Thrones) continues to jump up the list of popular girl names. It was No. 20 in 2017.

3. Aubrey   Meaning: "fair ruler of the little people"

While Aubrey is more popular as a girl name these days, it is a traditionally male name. It was No. 31 in 2017.

4. Avery   Meaning: "counsel"

Avery was No. 14 on the list in 2017. It's proven to be quite trendy for a few years now.

5. Benjamin   Meaning: "Son of my right hand"

You probably know a ton of Bens already and you'll know a ton of baby Bens soon — the name was No. 6 on the list in 2017.

6. Brooklyn   Meaning: "one who lives near a brook"

Brooklyn was sitting pretty at No. 39 in 2017 and we wouldn't be surprised if it makes it at least to the top 20 for girls this coming year.

7. Caleb   Meaning: "devotion to God"

This Biblical name has been in the top 100 for nearly 30 years and has gone up and down in popularity. We predict it will be on the upswing in 2019

8. Caroline   Meaning: "free man"

This vintage name is on the upswing again. It's been in the top 100 since 1994 and in 2017 reached No. 55.

9. Carter   Meaning: "son of"

Carter is now a popular unisex name and has slowly been rising on the charts over the last few years. It's shown a sharp increase since 2009.

10. Claire   Meaning: "bright, clear"

We love Claire as both a first and a middle name. It's been enjoying popularity as of late and feels like a true classic without being overly trendy. It was No. 49 in 2017.

11. Connor   Meaning: "lover of hounds"

This name is perfect for the dog-loving family and the solid name was right in the middle of the road at No. 56 in 2017. We can see it easily moving up the charts next year, though.

12. Easton   Meaning: "(place) to the east of the settlement"

Easton might not crack the top 20 in 2019, but after settling at No. 66 in 2017, you can bet there's room for this one to rise in popularity soon.

13. Ethan   Meaning: "strong and long-lived"

Ethan has been climbing the most popular charts for a while now and was at No. 14 in 2017.

14. Evelyn   Meaning: "wished for child"

Evelyn used to be regarded as a grandma name, but it's gotten wildly popular over the last few years. It reached the top 10 for the first time in 2017 and is likely to stay at the top in 2019.

15. Gabriel   Meaning: "devoted to God"

Gabriel peaked in about 2011 as a boy name but we have a feeling it will be on the upswing in 2019.

16. Grayson   Meaning: "son of a steward"

Chances are you know someone with a Grayson already. It was the No. 34 name on the 2017 list.

17. Hannah   Meaning: "Favor"

Hannah is a beautiful name that's again rising on the charts.

18. Harper   Meaning: occupational name for a harp player

Harper is another name that has been steadily climbing the charts year after year. Perhaps we can thank Victoria and David Beckham for that — their only daughter is named Harper.

19. Hazel   Meaning: "hazel"

Hazel has steadily climbed the popularity charts over the last decade. It was No. 211 in 2011 and was No. 43 in 2017.

20. Henry   Meaning: "estate ruler"

Henry is making a big comeback — it was the 17th most popular boy baby name in 2017.

21. Hunter   Meaning: "one who hunts"

Hunter was at No. 53 in 2017 and could very easily continue to be more popular in the next few years.

22. Isaac   Meaning: "laughter"

Isaac is a sweet name that is becoming quite popular again. It was No. 33 on the 2017 list.

23. Josiah   Meaning: "God supports, heals"

This name nearly cracked the top 50 of popular boy names in 2017, and it will undoubtedly rise again in 2019.

24. Kennedy   Meaning: "helmeted chief"

This name can be used for boys or girls (and is most notable as a surname) and has steadily been becoming more popular. It was no. 58 in 2017 and we wouldn't be surprised if it cracked the top 30 in 2019.

25. Kinsley   Meaning: "king's meadow"

Kinsley has been on the upswing for a while now. It's cute and not too trendy (yet) and is bound to become much more popular in the coming years.

26. Levi   Meaning: "joined, attached"

Isn't this name sweet? Levi was at No. 37 in 2017 and will continue to rise no doubt.

27. Lily   Meaning: "pure"

This name is short and sweet and having a resurgence. It was No. 33 for girls in 2017.

28. Luke   Meaning: "the bright one"

Luke has gotten more and more popular over the last 30 years. It went from No. 111 in 1987 to No. 30 in 2017. 28. 

29. Madison   Meaning: "son of Maud"
Madison was first a popular name for boys, but has become a very trendy name for girls over time. It peaked a few years ago, but you can bet it'll still be used plenty in 2019.

30. Mila   Meaning: "gracious"

Mila cracked the top 30 in 2017 and we imagine it will continue to rise this next year.

31. Nora   Meaning: "light"

Nora was in the top 30 for girl names in 2017 and we can expect to see it continue to grow in popularity.

32. Oliver   Meaning: "olive tree"

Oliver was already in the top 10 baby names in 2017 and we're guessing it will remain a top name for years to come.

33. Owen   Meaning: "young warrior"

This traditional Welsh name has become more and more popular each year since 2000. We have a hunch that it will keep creeping up the list from No. 28 in 2017.

34. Paisley   Meaning: "church"

This girl name is moving up the charts quickly. The name broke the top 50 for the first time ever in 2015 and was at No. 45 in 2017.

35. Penelope   Meaning: "weaver"

This name used to be old school but it's certainly been making a comeback in recent years.

36. Riley  Meaning: "courageous" 
This name is used very often for both boys and girls and was No. 25 in 2017. We wouldn't be shocked at all if it cracked at least the top 20 in 2019. It's one that's definitely on the upswing.

37. Samuel   Meaning: "told by God"

Samuel was at No. 21 in 2017 and we wouldn't be surprised if it cracks the top 10 in 2019.

38. Scarlett  Meaning: "bright red"

Scarlett has gone up and down in popularity over the years, and seems to be on an upswing as of late. It was No. 30 in 2014 and rose to No. 18 in 2017.

39. Violet  Meaning: "a violet"

This nature name peaked in the 1910s and is on it's way up the charts again now. Expect it to grow in popularity in the years to come.

40. Wyatt   Meaning: "hard, brave"

Wyatt was No. 25 in 2017 and has been a popular name for years now. It shows no signs of slowing down, either.


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