Themed Dream Room Contest

We have all dreamt of the perfect room for ourselves and/or our little ones. The inspiration comes from all over. But how many of us actually put those ideas together and actually create that room?

Well, now is the time to do it!

1. Launch a Pinterest board and name it “My EOTW Themed Dream Room”

2. Fill it with at least 10 pins including at least one mural pinned from Elephants on the Wall, plus pins of ideas & products to make your themed room come alive! Whether it’s Jungles, Beaches, Pirates, Princesses, Man Caves or Zen master bedrooms. Search the internet far and wide for just the right colors, accessories, furniture, rugs, bedding, pillows etc. - we want to see your ideas! 

3. Share your Pinterest board with all of your friends and family! And make sure to tag all the pins on the board with #elephantsonthewallmurals and #themeddreamroomcontest

4. When you are done, comment on this pin with a link to your themed dream room board! 

***Remember... with Elephants on the Wall murals you can easily change the colors to whatever you want. So if you want those silly jungle animals the be in pale pastels instead of primary colors it's up to you. If you want to make our pink and lavendar Sweet Dreams Bedhugger into a Circus Tent in bright, bold colors - go for it! If you want to split up a mural and spread it out across the room - knock yourself out! But have fun with it! Be creative.

Can't decide which theme to go with? Feel free to create more than one Themed Dream Room board. You may surprise yourself.

The Winner - The person with the coolest room will get the Elephants on the Wall murals that they featured in their dream room. (Limit 3 free murals up to a total value of $200.00)

Then we will post the winner on our website for all to see, drool over, and be jealous of! Maybe you will start a new trend! We will brag about you on Facebook, Twitter and all of our followers! Heck, you might be famous!

IMPORTANT:  Oh... and if you would be so kind as to sending us a quick email with your name and address, then if you are the winner - we can send you the mural(s)!! Don't worry - it won't be published or shared with ANYONE!