Aaaahhh' - Paint-by-Number Wall Mural

Elephants on the Wall

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Aaaaah... Doorhugger Paint-by-Number Wall Mural
"Aaaaaah... doesn't that feel good?" Scratch YOUR itch with this absolutely irresistible wall mural. The big brown bear has found just the right spot - next to your bedroom door. This cute and simple paint by number mural is guaranteed to get "ooohs", "aaaahs" and loads of giggles from your kids, family and friends. Kids room decorating just got a LOT more fun!

This do-it-yourself wall mural pattern can be reversed, reused and repeated.

(Mural Kit includes: pattern, transfer paper, directions & color guide.)

>>åÊSee How it Works! <<

The paints we suggest using areåÊthe Americana Acrylics from DecoArt. They come in åÊ2-ounce bottles. Colors shown in mural can be ordered fromåÊwww.decoart.comåÊ(Most of theåÊcolorsåÊcan also be foundåÊat Michael's Craft store.)

You will only need ONEåÊbottle of each color.

  1. Black ( DA067 Lamp Black
  2. Pale Cream (DA164 Light Buttermilk)
  3. Cream (DA03 Buttermilk)
  4. Yellow (DA201 Primary Yellow
  5. Light Green (DA253 Pistachio Mint)
  6. Dark Green (DA230 Festive Green)
  7. Light Brown (163 Honey Brown)
  8. Dark Brown (DA114 Light Cinnamon)
  9. Pink (DA031 Baby Pink)
  10. Bright Pink (DA151 Royal Fuschia)
  11. Lavender (DA211 Wisteria

24" wide x 60" tall

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