Lots of Dots Paint-by-Number Wall Mural

Elephants on the Wall

$ 59.95

Lots of Dots Paint-by-Number Wall Mural

You may think you are seeing spots before your eyes and you are right! This wall mural features lots and LOTS of dots! Big ones, small ones and in between ones. The great thing is that you can turn and REPEAT the 4 foot wide mural to get this 8' wide mural or even a 12' wide mural. And, of course, you can CHOOSE your OWN COLORS! Go bold or go very subtle - it's totally up to you.

It's versatile too! You can change the colors, repeat the whole design on another wall or take elements and repeat them around the room!

(Mural Kit includes: pattern, transfer paper, directions & color guide.)

Paints: The paints we suggest using are the Americana Acrylics from DecoArt. They come in 2-ounce bottles. Colors shown in mural can be ordered from www.decoart.com (Most of the colors can also be found at Michael's Craft store.)

You will only need ONE 2-oz bottle of each color. Unless otherwise noted.

  1. Light Pink (DA267 Poodleskirt Pink)
  2. Medium Pink (Da031 Baby Pink)
  3. Dark Pink (DA214 Petal Pink)

48" wide x 77" tall

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