Puddle Play with Dinos

Elephants on the Wall

$ 79.95

A green and yellow T-rex with pink spots, a green and teal Stegosaurus and a giant pink Apatosaurus are each decked out in their rain gear, playing in the rain and splashing in the puddles. Three adorable dinos are sure to make you smile. This six foot wide paint-by-number mural will be a hit with all those little girls who love dinosaurs!

(Mural kit includes: pattern, transfer paper, directions & color guide. Paints not included.)

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Colors shown in mural can be ordered at www.DecoArt.Com You will need ONE 2-oz bottle of each color.

  1. White (DA239 Warm White)
  2. Yellow (DA325 Sunny Yellow)
  3. Dark Yellow (DA386 Matcha Green)
  4. Light Green ( DA235 Citron Green)
  5. Dark Green (364 Aloe)
  6. Pale Blue (DA318 Blue Haven)
  7. Light Aqua (DA409 Crystal Blue)
  8. Light Aqua Shadow (DA255 Bahama Blue)
  9. Medium Aqua (DA375 Tropical Blue)
  10. Light Pink (DA031 Baby Pink)
  11. Pink Shadow (DA24 Petal Pink)
  12. Medium Pink (DA274 Carousel Pink)
  13. Dark Pink (DA151 Royal Fuschia)
  14. Gray (DA068 Slate Grey)
  15. Black (DA067 Lamp Black)

6" wide x 7'6" tall

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