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Herbie's Garage - The Disney Back Story

THE BACK STORY to this very special mural. 
This particular mural was designed for a recent car-themed fundraising event for the Ryman Arts Organization that was started in honor of Herbie Ryman.
Who is Herbie Ryman?
Herbie Ryman was the very talented illustrator that Walt Disney came to on a Friday and asked him to do an illustration for him. Herbie said, "Sure, let's talk next week". Walt said "No, I need it by Monday". So they spent the next 48 hours together - Walt telling Herbie all of his ideas and Herbie putting them all together in beautiful illustration. This illustration was the very first image of the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Walt took that very illustration to the bank (literally) that Monday to ask for funding for his soon-to-be theme park we have all come to know and love - Disneyland!!
The rest is history.
The Ryman Arts Organization continues to this day providing free art classes, mentoring and scholarships for a select and very talented group of mostly low income high school students at Otis College of Art and Design and California State Fullerton.
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