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The Possibilities are Endless...

The great thing about Elephants on the Wall Paint-by-Number wall murals is that they are super versatile! Do you see one of our murals that you love but it's not in the right color? No Problem! Just change the colors. Find some inspiration like bedding, a picture, a rug etc. then use those colors in your mural. Here are some great examples of our Paisley Mural and some fun color combinations...

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Go Social with Baby Names!

GUEST BLOG from Belly Ballot:

New Trend in Parenting: Go Social with Baby Names!

Soon-to-be parents have been facing this tough decision for centuries – what are we going to name our child? Historically, there was a tendency to name the offspring after family ancestors, so the first names would carry on in the family genealogy. Whereas there is still some inspiration in the names of our forefathers, it seems that there is just a little bit more in a name now than it once used to be.

Choosing the right name is tricky – you want something modern, but not completely unconventional; a name that goes well with the last name, sounds elegant but has casual nicknames. And I won’t even go into the excruciating details of trying to please everyone around with the name, be it your parents, grandparents or in-laws. If you want your baby name to start with the letter “J” for instance, go for it.

In the digital age, when Internet has become a global village and social media are popular means of communication, there’s no longer need for a plethora of books written about baby names. Belly Ballot is a social media baby naming website which makes baby naming more open to outside opinions and definitely more fun. All you need is an Internet connection to reach out to your family, friends or even complete strangers (if that is your wish) via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and give all these people a chance to become a part of the decision process. Not only can you find out what everyone’s opinion is about the potential names you’ve chosen for your baby, but the process can also generate new names and ideas you would originally never think of yourself!

On top of all the fun interacting with your social media friends, soon-to-be moms who sign up and create their ballots always have a chance to win an amazing weekly prize for themselves or their babies. Social baby naming could seem somewhat unusual at first, but it’s only a natural step further in social parenting. Moms and soon-to-be moms already shop for things online, research information on the internet and share pictures of their children on Facebook or Instagram. As social beings, we love to use technology to our advantage and ultimately, that’s what social baby naming is all about.
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