Looking for a fun activity for your next fundraiser?


Raise awareness AND money all at the same time and do what CHOC (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) did at a recent event during their 12 hour dance marathon. While some dancers were dancing their socks off, others took a break and helped out by painting a mural. They chose our "Space Tours" mural which gave everyone that chance to shoot for the moon!! And since it was an easy Paint-by-Number mural from Elephants on the Wall - just about anyone could do it!

What a great way to bring people together, brighten up a wall, and/or make a bold and creative statement. Murals can be painted by kids (maybe with the help of some adult painters). Wouldn’t that be fun knowing you helped paint that mural in your own school? 

Talk to YOUR school or organization NOW and join in the fun. Choose from one of our existing murals or have a Custom Mural done for a bit more.

"HootaThon is Temple University's annual 12 hour dance marathon, a part of the Children's Miracle Network. Every year, dancers spend 12 straight hours raising funds for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), specifically the Child life department. CHOP was the first children's hospital in our nation, and is recognized globally for being a leader in children's healthcare. In 1951, CHOP created the Child Life department, and became the first hospital to recognize the therapeutic value of play.
Child Life is vital to the mental health and well being of the patients at CHOP. It provides services such as pet therapy, art therapy, and patient education to the whole family. At our dance marathon, we are lucky to hear the stories of several miracle families, who share how Child Life impacted their experience at CHOP. Child life is funded entirely on philanthropic donations, and at HootaThon we strive to raise as much as we can. In our first year, we were able to raise 60,000$ for Child Life. At our most recent dance marathon, 5 years later, we raised over 465,000$ for the kids. At HootaThon, we hope to continue to grow and further assist Child Life in its mission to let hospitalized children have a childhood."

Please let us know what YOU think!

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