Our ENTIRE product is either Reusable or Recyclable!!

This is what we are made of:

Cardboard Box - 100% recyclable & reusable*

Pattern Paper - 100% recyclable & reusable*

Directions & Color Guide - 100% Recyclable & reusable*

Wax-based Transfer Paper& reusable*

Poly tubing sleeve - 100% Recyclable #4 & reusable*

3 staples - (zinc plated steel wire) 100% Recyclable

Turn our boxes into something wonderful!

Out on the Town - Slice up your square tube and turn it into a town with buildings, streets and cars.


Pencil Town - Create pencil holders out of each end of the tube. Cut to length, trim the box to create a roof and then paint the outside. Make it into a village by painting windows and doors or simply paint them with stripes, stars, dots, flowers or whatever you like!


Roll the Dice! - Cut down the box to create two cubes, paint the dots on all six sides and you will have a giant die or two.

The Show Must Go On! - Create a puppet show. Copy characters from your favorite book or just make up your own. Glue the characters to wooden skewers, create a background with several different layers and cut a slot in the top so you can move the characters around. You could even add a bit of lighting with little twinkle lights.

Power Up! - Cut holes in each end of the box, decorate the outside and create a box to hide all of your cords and power strips.


Let the Games Begin! - Create your own games


Keep an eye out - Make a periscope.


Get Creative with Our Plastic Sleeves

Fill them up with Christmas balls,

Slide rolled up posters inside of them,

Fill them with candy or snacks.

Fill them with popcorn for your next family outing!


Our Murals - please reuse them!!

Yes! You can retrace them over and over again. So don't be shy, take elements from the mural and place them around the room.

Give your mural to a friend so they can have a mural on their wall too. 

Donate the mural to a church group, daycare center or any other deserving group.

You can even use them as wrapping paper.

Let kids color them in.


The Transfer Paper

This can be re-usused over and over again if you are gentle with it. Use it again to retrace the mural or use it to copy some other images. 

Our Color Guide

Cut out the image and frame it as a small piece of art.

Cut out the image and create a big greeting card out of it. 


The 3 Staples

Yep, we are stumped on this one too ... but you can recycle them so all is good.






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